Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Things on Facebook That Make You Go...WTF?!

Conversation on Facebook:

Girl # 1
"Some Of The Statuses I See On Facebook I Swear How You Gone Say As Long As Im His Main Forget The Side Chicks?Noooooooo You Sound STUPID Like I Can Argue About This For Days..If If He Need Side Chicks Istead Of Stickin With You And Your Ok With That Then First Off Your Not You Probably Not Doin What You Should Be And You Must Know That If You Coo With His Game Or He Just Mo Goog Like I Cant Figg Smh Words Can't Even Explain..What's Your Opinion??Comment"

Girl #2
"When ur a dime you don't fuck with pennies and loose change and if that guy does..let him struggle lookin for penny hoes..and u find a guy who knows ur worth..but first you gotta know ur worth..cuz if you don't you'll get lost In the just as
That's my opinion tho."

Girl #1
"Lol Thankyou"

Girl #2
"Your welcome!"

And then...

Girl #3
"I'm not entirely sure exactly what you ladies said but I can tell, in principle, that you're precisely on-target with your analysis of the side-chick/penny-ho question. Indeed, if he needs side chicks and you're cool with that then, obviously, you're suffering from low-self esteem, which is frequently accompanied by self-destructive behavior. Your friend offers sage advice. Always consider yourself the dime in a relationship with pennies. You are bright and shiny, coated with silver and worth at least ten of the dirty-penny man who is treating you with disrespect by associating, presumably sexually, with dirty-penny women. So, metaphorically speaking, keep your purse-size mirror always at hand and gaze into it frequently while repeating this mantra: "I am a shiny dime, not a dirty penny!" This constant self-assurance will help you stay strong and keep from getting lost in the mix when the next dirty-penny man attempts to seduce you with his mo goog game. In other words, I concur!"

I shit you not.

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