Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blood Orange Pinkberry

Remember Mark, the former lawyer I met on the bus? The one who used to work for my lying cheat of an ex-husband? Well. he called last week to say that he'd remembered something about Barney's business dealings, something he thought I'd like to know. We met at Pinkberry yesterday. He bought me a Blood Orange frozen yogurt (with chocolate chips) and dished a little dirt about Barney. Apparently he was shuffling assets around while claiming to be broke while he waited out the statute of limitations on a few debts he'd stopped making payments on. The companies he was defaulting on pursued him, even started judgement proceeding, but he slipped through their hands like a greased pig. Mark has a lot of paperwork and notes and stuff. I haven't really wrapped my mind around it yet but I know there's something there that I can work with.

Mark and I talked about how our lives have changed in the past year or two. We used to have 'everything', or we thought we did. Now we're both taking the bus. I asked him about the transvestite thing. He said it started when he was still working as a lawyer. His job was seriously stressful and sometimes at work he'd have these panic attacks, which he had to try and hide from everyone. He'd always been fascinated by women's underwear and had a few pairs of satin panties hidden in his drawers at home. He never wore then, just took them out and looked at them every once in awhile. Well, this one day things were getting pretty tense at work and he felt an attack coming on so he went to the men's room and locked himself in a stall to calm down. He checked his jacket, looking for a cigarette, and discovered that he's stuffed a pair of pink thong panties in one of the pockets. He began to stoke the material and noticed after a few minutes that he'd calmed down. Something about fingering the fabric made him more relaxed. He started carrying a pair around at work. When things got bad he's just slip his hand in his pocket and stroke those panties for a minute and it would pass, kind of like a security blankie, I guess.

Things escalated from there. He started to wear the panties to work, always being careful to avoid letting any of the other guys see them in the bathroom. The constant feel of that soft fabric kept him calm most of the time. Soon he needed more stimulation to keep the attacks at bay so he bought a long blonde wig which he took to wearing around the house after work. He'd sit at the computer and stroke the long nylon hair while wriggling around in the panties. It was a short leap from there to wearing the stuff out in public occasionally. Anyway, it was interesting to hear him tell it.

What a bunch of weirdos we all are, us humans. I have no tips or recipes tonight. Just a splitting headache and a slightly peeling face.

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