Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Ventura Swap Meet

Nothing too exciting happened for the next few weeks after I got fired from my shitty job, except that Mark and Kurt finally came up for air and invited me over for a barbeque. Ever since Kurt came into his life, Mark has been dressing like a regular guy. No more blue wigs and lingerie, at least not in public. He's actually kind of hunky and I'd almost be jealous except for that I seem to have more fun with the two of them together than I ever did with either of them alone. They are honest-to-god soulmates (ok, I'm getting close to the gag reflex but it is true, damn it!) and don't do the drama queen stuff. They're fun, but actually act like growups.

We were sitting outside on ratty lawnchairs, roasting chicken thighs on the Webber, and listening to me complain about money when Kurt jumped up and gasped "Oh my God! I've got the greatest idea! Let's do the Ventura Swap meet!" Ok, maybe he is 'un peu' swishy and dramatic, but honestly, it just adds to his charm.

The Ventura Swap Meet is a huge outdoor market that happens throughout the year at the Ventura Fair Grounds.  It's an awesome location right near the beach. I hadn't been there since 1985 when my friend Sandy's mother took us to a Grateful Dead show there. She was an old hippie and was always doing mildly inappropriate things around us kids. Not sexual or creepy but things like getting her wiccan friends over for a seance or smoking pot in the back yard when she thought we were asleep. I'm so glad my parents were clueless. If they knew the kind of stuff I was exposed to at Sandy's they would have forbidden me to hang out with her.

Sandy died in a car accident on Grad Night on the way to Disneyland  with three of our classmates. Oh shit, now I'm crying. I'll finish this post later.

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